Huw Lloyd is an experienced performer and educator with a background in jazz and improv theatre. His passion is for improvisation in all of the arts - and life in general - and he shares this enthusiasm in the lessons he teaches for fellow artists, both professional and otherwise, helping them connect with the spontaneous side of their creativity. He counts musicians, actors, poets and painters among those that have benefitted from his unique approach to education.


Huw finished his formal music training as a saxophonist in 2000 at Leeds College of Music in the north of England, moving to Paris where he switched to clarinet and studied briefly with jazz legend Steve Lacy. Since 2002 he has been based in Tokyo, where he is a valued member of the jazz community and has been developing his interest in improv theatre. His teachers in this field include "father of improv" Keith Johnstone, Shawn Kinley, Gary Schwartz and Rob Adler, and he is a regular performer at and instructor for the Tokyo Comedy Store.




The parallels between jazz and improv theatre are already well recognised. Huw has fused them with Steve Lacy's concept of polyfreedom, which treats creativity as a balance between freedom and restriction, to develop a method of improvisation instruction which addresses many of the issues in current pedagogy raised by education expert Sir Ken Robinson (one of Huw's personal heroes). He has written two documents detailing his approach and offers the workshop "What Jazz Musicians Can Learn From Improv Theatre".


Huw has successfully applied his improvisation education method to private lessons for individuals and to groups of various sizes. He has run a youth jazz workshop for two years, with several well-received performances behind it, and has also conducted large improvising ensembles such as the Tokyo Improvisor’s Orchestra. Huw directs and plays contrabass clarinet in The PopJazz Quartet, a unique ensemble covering pop and rock tunes in a jazz style, and mixes improvised theatre and music in his experimental event, the PopJazz Circus.


For improvisation education customised to your or your group's specific needs, or information regarding private lessons and workshops, please contact Huw Lloyd for a consultation.